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"Zach does our house in Laguna Beach; since it's on the ocean we have a monthly service. We do not live at the house, he has a key to get on site and do the job. Zach and I do everything via e-mail, I like that, he does good work and has been doing this property for four years now and both my wife and I are very satisfied."
- Brad, Laguna Hills

"My wife and I own a house in Emerald Bay. For several years now Zach has been doing our windows at this property. I have a monthly service with him, he does good work and I can count on him doing what he says-when we visit that house it always looks great."
- David, San Marino

"I have been using AHHH! CLEAN Window Cleaning for the last five years and am pleased with the good job and Zach is so thoughtful and courteous."
- Michelle, San Clemente